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Kitchen Remodeling


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Your old-fashioned kitchen needs a stunning remodeling work where everything from cabinets, sink, appliances, fixtures, floor, faucets, and lights are renovated or installed.

Collaborate with us to explore endless kitchen remodeling options. We know what it takes to give your old-looking kitchen a stunning new look.

Complete house remodeling covers all the essential elements of your property, comprising bedroom design, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, and entire interior designing.

Acquire the services of our seasoned professionals to have a complete remodeling of your house. 


Bathroom Remodeling


Whether you have a new property or planning to renovate the existing one, professional electrician services can cover all installation and maintenance details like lighting, appliances, house wiring, outlets, extension cords, and electrical safety.

Murex Homes takes pride in becoming the leading electricity contractor ensuring the provision of optimal electricity solutions.


A seasoned plumber can cover all of your plumbing needs including pipe inspection, leak inspection, bathtub installation and maintenance, faucet aerator cleaning, and toilet tank examination.

From minor clogged drains to massive remodeling work, Murex Homes is always up to the task of providing clients with top-notch plumbing services.

Planning to upgrade your bathroom? You can remodel every detail of your bathroom covering cabinets, sinks, showers, faucets, floors, lights, and vanity.

From installing bathroom cabinets to complete bathroom remodeling, we aspire to exceed the expectations of our clients.

Home Interior

There are an endless home interior options that you can leverage to improve the look and design of your kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, and miscellaneous spaces.

Hire our professionals to acquire home interior options that resonate with your imagination.



You can call a skilled flooring expert to install or renovate an array of floors. From ceramic tiles to traditional wooden floors, all sorts of cracks and lumps can easily be handled by using the right technique.

Contact us to discuss endless flooring options with our skilled professionals. We cover residential as well as commercial clients when it comes to quality flooring.

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The shady appearance of your paint signifies an immediate need for fresh paint coats. From your interior walls, ceiling, and shelves to the entire exterior, a top-quality paint can restore the vitality of your property.

Let us apply exquisite fresh paint coats to your house interior and exterior. Murex Homes offers the finest quality paints with long-lasting results.

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Roofing & Patios

Through the assistance of professionals, you can easily utilize your exterior space for roofing and patios. From deciding the right options for your space to getting the roofs and patios installed to perfection, all the work is done by the professionals.

Contact us today to enhance the curb appeal of your property by having our elegant roofing and patio designs fully customized to fit your space.


Your HVAC system must be inspected and properly maintained every year. Replacing filters, checking the ignition, lubricating all the moving parts of the system, inspecting the heat pump, and keeping the gas pressure stabilized are some of the pivotal elements of HVAC system maintenance work.

Contact us today so we can listen to your needs and help you accordingly.


You surely the assistance of seasoned masons during construction projects. Masons handle the duties like mixing of cement, breaking bricks, operating construction equipment, and making several building structures.

Why settle for inexperienced masons when you can have our skilled masons well-equipped structural and artisanal masonry skills?

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